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Lice-Free is the solution you are looking for!
  • Perhaps you’ve just gotten a letter from school, or you may have seen white dots throughout your child’s hair. Either way, the news is the same – head lice – the dreaded nuisance of school age children.

  • Like many things in life, having head lice is not a catastrophe, but it can quickly take over your life.

  • Immediate and effective action is required, so explore your options with Lice-Free.

Professional solutions to head and lice problems.
All natural, pesticide-free lice elimination and removal.

  • Lice-Free was founded to assist individuals with the problem of head lice by offering products and services that eliminate and remove adult lice and their residual eggs.

  • Our products are environmentally safe, pesticide free, and effective for both children and adults.

  • Professionally trained technicians are available for home, office, camps, schools and recreational locations to assure personalized and confidential head lice removal procedures.